A wonderful present for the

smallest member(s) of your family

what do we offer?

Pikler triangle

The smallest members of your family like to climb. Pikler triangle is created in order to make climbing safe for the smallest members of your family.

Exciting and worth exploring
Safe and child-friendly
Different colours

Pikler triangle is a smart climbing tree, which develops the child’s creativity, self-control , motorics and etc.

I would like to become familiar with it.
why Pikler triangle?

For the unique development of the child/children


Unique construction

The construction of Pikler triangle is in conformity with safety standards and has CE marking.

Development guaranteed

Pikler triangle enables to develop the child’s creativity, motorics, strength, etc.

Especially for children

Children like to climb. Pikler triangle is created for that purpose.

A proper and practical gift
to the smallest members of the family!

When a child starts crawling, they are physically fit also to climb. Climbing is a natural part of human nature and forms a part of every life, which is expressed already before walking. Pikler triangle is a new method, which enables the children to keep their hands and legs busy at the same time. Thanks to that the child’s creativity, problem solving ability, flexibility and many other features are developed.